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Faire la Bise


The  French kiss – how I finally learned how to do it!

Reading the title everyone probably has their own idea how things went down. I don’t know when it started but it became a regular thing in the office. Maybe there has been more of it lately with the approach of the summer where there is a negative correlation of a skirt’s length with the increase in the ambient temperature (the hotter the weather the shorter the dresses become).  Maybe the quick light reflections of the bare, pale, bourgeois thighs caught my attention and I started noticing it more.  But there she was, Madeleine, entering the office, as she does every day. Continue reading Faire la Bise


Pourquoi a l’etranger

Why did I move, and why I will continue to do so

Throughout last couple of years, the most often asked question I received was why did I go somewhere and for the love of God how??? When I changed my environment again, the very same people were even more puzzled: “Why and for the love of God how did you do it?” Really fast it got very boring being asked the same question by a bunch of pale faces. Let me start a series of FAQ questions so I can direct the curious minds here when needed.

We are all born equal, but some are born more equal than others. Growing up is just a process of realizing that fact. You come to understand why does Joe have a 1000 piece LEGO set and you are here making Santa sleds out of your 50-something rocket space ship set. Continue reading Pourquoi a l’etranger