About the author

I started this blog as a way to document my new life that came with a new job. The way I got the job was through a series of interviews, as it is common for just any other job. As graduate programs attract a lot of students, a final selection is often done, on-site, through an assessment center. This means a bunch of one-on-one (two or three) person interview. Classical. Boring. But there was a twist, before the whole business we were supposed to make a power-point and present ourselves. Instructions were, be creative!

Let me be lazy smart and use the same presentation to tell you more about me.

Life starts off in with a clean plate for everyone, at least from a Utopian point of view. Then you are given these different bricks that you play around with and make your life. The way you use them is completely up to you. For kids this is a natural environment and so was it for a kid named  Mihael.

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Mihael was born in Croatia, 26 years ago, in a small, remote village of Vivodina. A place very dear to me. Maybe I will write a piece about it in the future and have something better than a Wikipedia link.

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Anyhow, while growing up, I did what kids do, dream… Dream of being a super hero with a cape. Playing with my favourite toys. I was not given the brick of  richness so I used my creativity to invent new shapes from what I had. Possibilities were endless.

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This sparked my curiosity and I decided to take up a neural sciences and maths high school. This combined with my passion for racing cars made the only obvious choice for my studies, mechanical engineering at the university of Zagreb. There I found my new love for thermodynamics and fluid mechanics which powered me towards energy engineering.

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Keeping my racing car passion alive, I got involved in a Formula Student project and even worked on our university car which was very well rewarded. Somewhere there I managed to get the time and finish my studies. One step closer to being a superhero.

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But I realised I was still small. But I wanted to do big things so I studied wind energy at DTU in the country of LEGOs,Denmark. Uni Ol in Germany as a part of my double degree European Wind Energy Master (EWEM). I am a bit more ambitious than the rest  so I did my thesis on wind farm wakes at University of Colorado,  U S and A. Finally graduated in October 2016 as a MSc. Engineering physics and MSc. Wind Energy.

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I like spending a lot of time (as much as possible) in the nature, cycling and hiking are my loves. My biggest passion is travelling and experiencing new places and culture, but mostly food. Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 22.14.05

I somehow managed to make the best use of my LEGO blocks to be considered Edison material for GE. I kick-off my proffesional career  in a really dynamical environment that is offshore wind engineering. I hope that several rotations throughout my stage at GE will offer more than plenty material for this blog. I start in Nantes, France. New country, new people, new language. Who knows where wind will take me next… But what I want to make sure is to share my interests with you and start an interaction that would challenge my creativity even further. Ce marche! Le Petit Ingénieur vers le développement!